The Key to Success [Agility] Inspirational video – 5

Thank you soo sooo much for all the positive response. I’m actually over the moon happy. Again, thank you.
This is, perhaps, my last inspirational agility video. Wanted it to be something special, and I hope you like it. Cuz I do.
A lot of people have asked me “how have you made Ronja so secure?”. The answer is not simple, but this speech by Steve Jobs describes a lot why you shouldn’t give up. And this was also something that got me going: I loved what I did, and I knew Ronja loved it too. She was just trapped in her fear (not only in agility, but in everyday life too) and needed time, training and love.

Perhaps she’s never going to represent the swedish team. But that was not our goal either. Our goal was to be the best in my eyes, to compete and have fun. The biggest mistake I made during our journey was to compare me and Ronja to other dogs and their handlers. When I, instead of asking “why or perhaps” began to think “We will” – Ronja became the secure dog she is now.

Haters, please go away and hate yourself. Thanks.